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The Blackotter team also have various brand connections through previous work experience. Several members previously held fundamental positions at companies such as Flat Tummy Co and Sneaky Vaunt, which are two brands that disrupted their respective categories and became trending online businesses.

The Blackotter team members were previously part of the Flat Tummy Co team and were directly involved in contributing to the 5x revenue and business growth.

The learnings, processes and strategies that we developed during that time have significantly contributed to the knowledge that Blackotter know holds and is passing on to current clients.

The Blackotter team members also worked on the launch of the Sneaky Vaunt brand, which saw extreme accelerated growth on social media.

Using the learnings from Flat Tummy Co, the rapid expansion of this brand was the true product of identifying a viral brand, with a clear benefit to the customer, and matching that with the perfect influencer / product fit.