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Skinny Mixes

Skinny Mixes is the leading manufacturer of low calorie beverage mixes. After establishing themselves as a major player within the retail space, the brand was ready to take on the ecommerce world. Their fun, innovative brand along with their loyal following was the perfect foundation to launch a strong online presence.

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Blackotter began working with Skinny Mixes in 2018. The brand had outgrown the capabilities and aesthetics of their old site.

The task:  Launch a website that was innovative and impactful to the bottom line. 

Blackotter worked to provide Skinny Mixes with a full stack solution that made them ready for growth marketing. We migrated the existing store from Wordpress over to Shopify Plus, and implemented a full redesign and custom theme development.

The result? Website conversion went from 3% to 9% after the first week.

User Experience & Design

Looking for a refresh, as well as a more seamless and user friendly design, Blackotter set out to build a site that was optimized for both the client and the customer.

Key features included

  • Complete Redesign & Customized Shopify Build
  • Mobile Responsive Design
  • Seamless Shopping Experience
  • Dynamic User Generated Content via Instagram
  • Cross-Promotion for Blog, Recipes & Products
  • Custom Wholesale Registration

“Their team's experience working in house to scale a large portfolio of successful brands really sets them apart from other agencies. This background brings hands-on practical experience of seeing things from the clients perspective.”

Brittany Gymrek
Marketing Director - Skinny Mixes.

Custom Wholesale Experience

Skinny Mixes had very specific requirements when it came to retail and wholesale customers. To keep admin times to a minimum, we achieved a single & central platform using Shopify Plus. Within a single theme, we created a dedicated interface for wholesale members which included custom pricing, order quantity intervals, and dynamic shipping rates only available to wholesale members.

SEO Migration

Here at Blackotter, we understand that it’s not just the front end that needs to be perfect, but also what happens on the backend. To ensure seamless implementation of the Skinny Mixes site, Blackotter also executed a full SEO migration strategy so that no traffic would be lost in the switchover to the new site.

We use a comprehensive, 4 phase migration strategy for all our clients to avoid any risk.

  1. SEO Pre-Launch Strategy
  2. SEO Pre-Launch Implementation and Testing
  3. SEO Go Live Check
  4. SEO Post-Launch Review


Skinny Mixes primary goal was to set themselves up for online growth and success in 2019. The full stack solution provided by Blackotter, was essential in order to help Skinny Mixes enhance the organic growth of the brand, grow online sales and ensure the brand was ready to handle upcoming growth marketing opportunities.

We’re looking forward to working closely alongside Skinny Mixes as they prepare to take on 2019, and we’re excited to see what sort of success these changes will bring.